Make-Up Scheduler

請假& 補課三步驟

第一步驟: 請填寫[2018 春季班請假單] 提早請假, 最晚課程前24小時.

第二步驟: 在官網MakeUp Scheduler 選擇補課時間, 請輸入當季補課 Access Code 後, 按[ CONTINUE ] 

第三步驟: 出席預約好的補課時段, 完成補課


  1. 每一季, 每個家庭有二次的補課機會, 補課的機會只提供給有請假的家庭, 無法轉讓給其他家庭使用.
  2. 一同報名課程的兄弟姐妹也需要另外再填寫一次補課的需求,但是同行8個月以下的寶寶則不需要
  3. 請到您提供的email信箱檢查是否有收到確認信,「補課確認信」是您有報名成功的依據, 您的老師和課務組也會同時收到您的補課需求。  
  4. 若是無法參加預約好的補課班級,請務必要到官網的補課系統,做"取消"動作,若是沒有取消,也沒有出席預約好的補課時段,您將會喪失一次補課的機會。

Please read this carefully so that you understand the procedure for makeups. 

1. Fill the [2018 Spring Leave Request Form] in advance 

2. Use semester make-up access code to request the make-up, by click the [CONTINUE] below to see the schedule.

3. Show up at your make-up class.  

Please Note:

  1. Each family has 2 make-up request and classes cannot be carried over to another semester and are not transferable to another family.  
  2. Do remmeber to cancel the makeup class if you know that you can not make it to your makeups 24hours before the class.
  3. The makeup system will track your makeup class two times per semester, so if you do not cancel the class , you will lose the chance to attned the makeup during the term.


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