Make-Up Scheduler

Welcome to our online make-up scheduler.





Make-Up Class Policies - please read....

*Make-up classes are offered as a courtesy and are not guaranteed to be available at your most convenient location and time. 

*3 Make-up classes per child/per semester (4 in the summer only) are possible, space permitting. If your family is bringing two registered children, each  child must be scheduled individually.

*Make-up classes can be booked at any point within the semester and may be booked in advance of being absent from a specific class.

* Please CANCEL your Make-up class if necessary, using the tab on the right of the scheduler page.

* Make-up Classes must be used within the current semester, they will not be carried over, and are not available for "trades" such as bringing additional children.

*Please do not bring additional guests to a make-up class as space may be very limited.
* If the class you want does not show up, it means that it is full and further make-ups will not be booked.
Thank you!