Make Up Scheduler

 How to Schedule a Make Up Class 
Read the info below to become familiar with make up policies. Then log in below to select your make up class.

Why Make Up A Class?
There are two basic reasons to schedule a make up class.
1) You pay tuition whether your child attends class or not, so make ups allow your child to take all of the classes you have paid for.
2) Notice that the word "attendance" has the word "dance" in it - if students are not in class, we cannot teach them to dance :). It is very, very important that students attend as many of their classes as possible to ensure their continued success as an individual and as a class. Especially after Christmas Break when classes begin learning their choreography for the recital, it is vital that students do not fall behind. Sickness, vacations and the occasional school event happen; we get that. When they do, please schedule make up classes for your student whenever possible. 

General Policies for School-Year Classes
If a student is absent for any reason, he or she may make up seven (7) classes during the current school year. When a student enrolls mid-year, the number of allotted make up classes is pro-rated based on enrollment month. 

  • August: 7
  • October: 6
  • December: 5
  • February: 4
  • April: 3

Cancelled Classes: In the event that the studio cancels a class for any reason, students in that class will be allotted one additional make up class for the cancelled class. This applies to one-day holidays like Labor Day as well.

What is the recommended time frame? If possible, schedule your child's make up class in the same age group or level and the same month that s/he misses class. The same week is even better if possible.

Can a make up be taken in a different age group or level? Students may take a make up classes one age group or level younger than theirs, but it is not recommended to schedule a make up in an older age group or level. If this is your only option, please obtain permission from the director first.

Can a make up be taken prior to the missed class? Yes! If you know that your child will be unable to attend a class ahead of time, you may schedule a make up prior to the missed class.

What if we need to cancel a make-up? Please cancel within 24 hours if you find that your child will not be able to attend a scheduled make up class. Due to space limitations, scheduled make up classes that are uncancelled and unattended will count towards a student's allotted make up classes. While 24 hour notice is requested, as long as you cancel prior to the class, it will not count as one of your student's make ups. 

Spots are first come, first serve. Class sizes are kept small to ensure the best learning environment and individual attention for all students. To ensure that a class on any given day is not too large, make up spots are made available by offering vacant enrollment spots up to the maximum number of participants allowed plus one. Make up spots are available on a first come, first serve basis and are not guaranteed.

Make ups are not encouraged during Parent Performance Weeks. During our Parent Performance weeks, you will not see these classes available as make ups. It is best for a student to be in his or her own class on performance day. It is also best for existing classes not to have unfamiliar students in class on this day. If you have extenuating circumstances, however, please email to see about the possibility of having your student attend an alternate class during Parent Performance Weeks.