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Join us for a free sample class with lots of singing and stomping and moving and music-making!

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As the attendance of sample classes is limited to 14 children, we ask you to reserve your spot as soon as possible! Simply go to the Demo Scheduler below, click on the Schedule Demo button of the sample class of your choice, and follow the instructions.

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Missed a Sample Class?
If you missed or were unable to attend one of the classes during our sample class week, and are considering joining a current session, you may sit in one of our regular classes during weeks one, two or three of our current session on a trial basis. If you are considering joining a future session, you may sit in one of our classes between week 5 and 9 of our current session. For times and locations, please review our current schedule.

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Class: Oak Hill
Date: 06/14/18
Day: Thursday
Time: 8:45 AM
Location: Oak Hill United Methodist Church
Teacher: Sage Holli Bara
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