Schedule a Make Up Class or Flex Pack Class

Mom and daughter share a smile in Music Together class.Flat tire? Sick baby? Sign up late? We understand! Flex Pack Families, please schedule your 4 or 8 Flex Classes here based on the package you purchased. Or purchase your Flex Pack here.

  • Schedule up to 1 make up in the June session, up to 2 in the July-Aug session & up to 3 in the fall, winter, spring sessions in any class with an open seat, at any of our locations with any of our teachers.
  • You can schedule a make-up class in advance if you know you'll miss a class.
  • If you know you'll be absent, but aren't ready to schedule a make up class, email us at so we can open up your seat to another family for that day.
  • Make up don't carry over; they must be taken within the current semester.
  • Make-up seat availability can change daily as other families notify us of their absences. After the first week of classes, we will open up more seats for the rest of the semester.  So check back if you don't see a class that works for you right now.