Make-Up Scheduler

Thank you for using our make up scheduler:

  • All currently enrolled families can schedule up to three make up classes per semester (fall, winter, spring) and (two make up classes for summer)  depending on availability.  While makeups are available from week 2 to the end of the session, it is best to schedule make up classes earlier in the semester.

  • Please note, we do NOT offer make up classes at the Children's Museum.
  • If you are bringing two children (over 8 months of age) to a make up class, please find a class with two spaces and sign each child separately to take both spaces in class.
  • If you are going to miss your scheduled make up class, please return to the make up scheduler and choose "cancel".  This will open the spot up for another family as well as credit a make up spot back for your family!
  • For safety reasons, class size is limited!  If the class you are wishing to do a make up in is NOT listed, the make up space have already been taken, please make another choice.
  • If you are scheduling a sibling visit, please write "sibling visit" in the last field and specify whether it is the first, second, or third visit. Payment for the second and third visits will be collected by the teacher. We accept cash (exact change) or check (made out to "Music Together in Phoenix"). 
  • Make up classes must be used for the current semester as they do not carry forward.