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PLEASE NOTE: Summer session classes are offered exclusively at the Wilkins School Community Center in Regent Square, due to the lack of availability of our other locations during the summer months.   

Below is a form you can fill out to register for one of our classes.

Tuition for the fall, winter, and spring sessions for returning families is $180 per session for the first child, and $130 per session for registered siblings in the same class type (mixed ages, babies, big kids); for new families, tuition for the first child is $195 for the 10 week session. This includes a one-time, non-refundable $15 registration fee. The registered sibling  (in the same class type) fee is the same for new and returning families.

The cost of special 8 week sessions is $150 for everyone for the first child, $110 for registered siblings 8 months and older. Please note that eight week sessions are only offered ln special circumstances and are scheduled as such for the whole class.

For the summer, tuition for returning families is $125 for the first child, and $80 for siblings 8 months and older; for new families, tuition for the first child is $140, which includes the one-time $15 registration fee.

A returning family is a family who has taken classes through First Notes or Household Harmony. If you have taken Music Together® classes through another entity, you are still considered a new family.

Preference for the Fall, Winter, and Spring sessions is given in the following order:

  • Families staying in exactly the same class as the preceding semester (not counting the summer session), with no changes in the number of registered children.
  • Families with younger children who are now older than the 8 month age for auditing.
  • Families who want to register for a different class from the preceding semester.
  • New families

Please check your schedules carefully when choosing both your first and second choices, as it is becoming increasingly difficult to honor class change requests after the start of classes.

Summer registrations are taken in the order received!

Tuition includes a CD, a songbook, and a parent guide for new families.  

From Music Together LLC -

"Beginning in the fall, on the inside back cover of each new CD booklet there is a unique code to allow families access to the new "Family Music Zone" on the Music Together website. This is where they will be able to download or stream the music, as well as access other fun content.

Families should go to (as directed in the CD booklet), where they will have the opportunity to create an account with a user name (their e-mail address) and a password of their own choosing. This will "unlock" the Bongos content for them, including the appropriate song downloads.

In future semesters, families who already have accounts can enter their new code to unlock the new semester's content. New families will need to create accounts. 

Families with children in two class types (e.g., Mixed-Age, In-School, Big Kids) can establish their account and unlock content with the code from one CD booklet and then use their second code to unlock the other class's content.

Please note that song files cannot be directly downloaded to Apple mobile devices, since our music is not available through iTunes. Apple users will need to download the files to a desktop or laptop and then sync their mobile devices as usual. However, songs can be streamed without downloading on any device with an internet connection."

Refunds are not available after the first class, but make-ups can be arranged based on availability. Tuition will not be prorated for missed classes.If you are paying with paypal, please indicate in the comments field the email address that is associated with the paypal account you are using, so that your account can be properly credited.  You do not need to have a paypal account, however, to pay online. You may use visa or mastercard. If you are using a credit card, just keep clicking past the paypal information to arrive at the credit card information. All registrations must be paid in full to be confirmed. We are no longer offering the "Pay later" option.

This schedule is subject to change. Classes may be combined or cancelled due to enrollment. Teachers may change according to staffing needs.
All classes are mixed ages, except as noted.

We can only guarantee that siblings will be placed in the same class, and regret that we cannot guarantee that requests for placing friends in the same classes will be honored. Only children living in the same household are considered siblings. Please do not register unrelated children as siblings.