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The best way to get to know Prelude Music Classes is to check out a complimentary "try me" class at our Houston, Sugar Land, or Woodlands location. Attendance is free but registration is required; to reserve your spot, click the "Continue" button below. (If you're registering more than one child over 8 months old, please sign up each child individually.)


To learn more about our music classes for children, call us at (832) 803-7701 or send an email to


“ My son (6),daughter (16 months) and I have so much fun in our Prelude class. Both kids love to move and groove to the music, our teacher's rich voice, and the wide array of instruments provided. It's one of the best hours of togetherness we have all week!”
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Music is a universal language. It transcends boundaries and reaches beyond culture to touch the depths of our souls, express our common emotions, and inspire us all. Now serving 2,500 communities in over 40 countries, Music Together connects families and communities across the globe as they express and explore our basic human instinct for making music.

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